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About us

We are engaged in the delivery and sale of telecommunications and electrical products (wholesale and retail), both to individuals and large organizations. We do not just sell, but additionally provide competent advice on any specific issues in the choice of products.

You do not need to worry about receipt of materials and equipment as the services of our company include the delivery of goods in any quantity, to any facility. Or you can buy at one of our offices here.

The range of goods delivered by us covers the whole range of modern highly reliable telecommunication and electrical equipment:

  • Cabling and wiring products
  • Electrical products
  • Cable-support systems
  • Telecommunications cabinet 19”
  • Optical and copper components of the structured cabling system
  • Active network equipment
  • Access control CCTV
  • IP PBX and office communication systems
  • Telephones, radiophones and faxes
  • Solar panels
  • Instrumentation
  • Materials for the construction and operation of copper and fiber-optic communication line (FOCL)

Also, the main area of the company is the design, construction and maintenance of fiber-optic and copper communication and electrical networks, security systems, dispatching and access control systems. The main principles are high-quality, flawless and timely performance of works for our customers.

Company’s mission, vision and values

Providing the market with high-quality telecommunication and electrical equipment

Leader among suppliers of telecommunication and electrical equipment

The Company’s staff works as a business team in accordance with the principles of management. Constantly analyzing its activities and improving the approach to industrial processes, the staff addresses the problems of improving the quality of services and meeting the needs of consumers.

  • Efficiency and promptness
  • Liability to clients
  • Quality of goods and services
  • Team work

We offer our clients:

  • Quality - we guarantee our customers the high quality of products manufactured in accordance with GOST and TU;
  • Expediency – thanks to the smooth operation of the departments of our company, the client gains confidence in the timely assembly of his order;
  • Competitive prices - we systematically analyze the market and offer our customers adequate prices corresponding to the market situation;
  • Flexible price policy – every customer has the opportunity to purchase goods at the optimal price;
  • Trade stock at the warehouse – balanced warehouse stocks allow to assembly orders just-in-time in accordance with planned duration of electrical works;
  • Possibility to ship the cable of required lengths;
  • The warehouse works until the last client – the client can be sure that the work of our employees will not stop until completion of shipment;
  • Professionalism of employees – long-term experience and qualification of the personnel allows us to be experts in the market of telecommunication and electrical equipment.

Advantages of cooperation with our company

  • Almaty IT Telecom Company has established itself in the market as a reliable and stable supplier of modern telecommunication and electrical equipment.
  • A wide range of goods (more than 5000 items), covering a large number of commodity groups allows to meet the needs of customers.
  • Possibility to deliver goods throughout Kazakhstan, as well as abroad.
  • Highly qualified staff with extensive experience.
  • High quality of goods and services.
  • Individual approach. Each client is provided with a personal manager.
  • Integrated and flexible approach to satisfy customer needs.
  • The Company occupies a leading position in the field of telecommunication solutions, projects and engineering, specializes in the construction and installation works for the laying of cables, installation of all types of communication equipment, corporate and local computer networks.

The Company’s clients are already more than 1000 companies all throughout Kazakhstan.